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About ECHO

Egyptian Canadian Home Organization is a Canadian non-profit organization that aims to enrich the cooperation between Egypt and Canada in the fields of scientific and academic research and commercial activity and investment in addition to the consolidation of social relations between the Egyptians in Canada.


ECHO activities

- Social activities for Egyptians living in Canada ... trips... concerts national holidays

-Communicate with governmental and institutions in Egypt and Canada in order to facilitate mutual cooperation

-Communicate  with Canadian politicians for the important issues of the Egyptian affair

-Helping  Egyptians new arrivals to Canada stability and providing them with the information appropriate to stay and look for a job

-Supply researchers for study opportunities in Canada with the necessary information

-Making database for Egyptian and Canadian companies that want to joint cooperation and areas of activity Base

-Helping Egyptians-Canadians who wants to invest in private projects in Egypt

-Making workshops to educate Egyptians-Canadians about the developments of the situation in Egypt and discuss solutions